10 things you didn't  know about  Shah Rukh Khan

1. Shah Rukh Khan won the Sword of Honor, a prize given to the best student, at St Columba's School in Delhi.

2. In school, SRK's Hindi was poor. His mother promised to take him to the cinema if he passed his Hindi exams and, because young SRK loved watching movies, he began to get top marks in Hindi then onwards.

3. SRK briefly ran a restaurant in Old Delhi's Daryaganj area before becoming an actor.

7. When he came to Mumbai as a hopeful actor, he had no place to stay. He lived with fellow actor Viveck Vaswani, who later appeared in Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman and Josh with him, and helped SRK meet directors and producers.

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9. SRK makes sure his sleeping pyjamas are freshly ironed every night because you never know who you may meet in your dreams.